Mathematic Resources

How to study mathematics by Paul Dawkins

Study skills in mathematics

Common math error by Paul Dawkins

“How to Read Mathematics” by Shai Simonson and Fernando Gouvea

Advice to a Young Mathematician

Stewart, I., “How to Learn Math,” Letters to a Young Mathematician, Basic Books, 2006, pp. 62-70. (AMS Book Review)
This letter is from a wonderful collection of letters from a mathematician to “Meg,” as she progresses from a high school student wondering whether higher levels of math are anything more than “bigger numbers and harder calculations,” to a tenured professor. The letters are unerringly encouraging while explaining myriad aspects of what it’s like to be a mathematician. The letter, “How to Learn Math,” is to Meg when she is a college student and explains what to do to get past sticking points when reading. The author also advises Meg to “read around the subject” to gain a sense of the larger picture within which any subject fits.

Terry Tao’s

Gerver, R., “Reading and Keeping a Research Journal,” Writing Math Research Papers: A Guide for Students and Instructors Key Curriculum Press, 2004.
This book chapter provides guidance for reading the literature relevant to a research project. Subsections include “Preparing to Read,” “Reading and Taking Notes,” and “Conquering Difficult Concepts.”

How to Develop a Mindset for Math by Kalid Azad:

Habits of Mind:

Collection of math notes

Paul Dawkins online math notes

Paul Dawkins cheet sheets:
Harold’s Cheat Sheets:
and other cheat sheets at

Math guy handbook:
Colecao Schaum’s (mathematical – formulas and tables)
Handbook for spoken mathematics Lawrence Cheng PhD

First steps in algebra by George Albert Wentworth
Beginning and intermediate algebra by Tyler wallance

Advanced high school mathematics by David b. Surowski
Fundament Concepts of Algebra
Trigonometric delights Eli Maor

PreCalculus by Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager
PreCalculus an investigation of functions by David Lippman and Melonie Rasmussen
Funny Little Calculus Text by Robert Christ

How do undergraduates do mathematics? A guide to studying mathematics at Oxford University Charles Batty St. John’s College, Oxford

Preparing for university calculus prepared by apics committee on mathematics and statistics edited by Robert Dawson

Advanced problems in core mathematics by Stephen siklos

Undergraduate Mathematics Reading List

Introduction to logic by Harry J. Gensler
Mathematical Reasoning writing and proof by Ted Sundstorm
Language proof and logic by Jon Barwise & John Etchemendy
Fundament Concepts of Mathematics
Book of proof by Richard Hammack


Mathematic Resources

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